Kurt Tacastacas

Made in Illustrator, Compressed in Photoshop

Night Sky

Night Sky in scratchboard

Quartlet Font

Quartlet Font made in Adobe Illustrator

Sankofa Bird

Sankofa Bird made in 3D Blender, Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro


Staircase made in 3D Blender

Stevie Wonderful

Stevie Wonderful on scratchboard

Stationary Trains

Stationary Trains made in Autodesk Maya, tweaked with Photoshop


ChromaWaves was a website designed for our student-developed game for the iPhone and iPod touch. In collaboration with Andrew Kuhar in the design.


This homepage was created for my Parents to ease their use of the web. Made with Photoshop and Flash

Little Italy Cleveland

A website designed for Little Italy.